19th June, 2020



Corona virus is a new virus that broke out in 2019. This virus was first detected in Wuhan, China. Scientist found that the cause of this virus was the consumption of unhealthy meat of bats and snakes.

It is a communicable disease so we should be very careful. It can be transferred from one person to other through close contact. Basically it transfers through sneeze, cough, using contaminated things, close body contact like hug, handshake etc.

Most common symptoms of this virus are: Fever, dry cough and fatigue. If it has developed a lot in the human body then it may show some serious symptoms like: difficulty in breathing/ short breathing, chest pain and loss of speech or movements.

There is no cure of this virus yet but we can take precautions for our safety.

After the outbreak of this virus it rapidly spread all over the world and it became a worldwide epidemic. It was completely uncontrollable and it spread all over the world very fast. So, as the result many countries decided to apply safety precaution in the form of 'lockdown'.

Now, our country Nepal is also in the phase of lock down. The transportation has been stopped and everyone stays at home unless it is a serious emergency. In our country the no. of the infected people has been increasing day by day. The recent data of this epidemic in Nepal is given below:          

Due to the lock down the whole world is suffering from economic crisis right now. All the work has stopped and there is no any source of money. According to recent data the world is pushed back.        

As for the education, many schools have started online classes. It is a very good utilization of technology but sometimes it is not very effective due to the network problem. But it is safe to say that our technologies have surely hepled the students during this lockdown. Mokshada School as well has been doing various online classes and in my opinion they are very much efficient. If the students pay much attention and take these classes seriously then it can be said that students can learn alot of things for sure. Our classes have been quite effective and i can proudly say that I am learning the things that my teachers are teaching very nicely. 

This epidemic and lock down has some severe bad effects in human health:

  1. Since there isn't much to do People are spending more time in their digital devices which affects the eyes as well as body.
  2. Sitting at home has made people dull and lazy due to Lack of exercise.
  3. This epidemic has created a fear in people which affect their mental health.
  4. It affects the kids most because sitting at home all the time can make them anti- social and unfriendly.