Udkee-Mudkee at Manjari Theatre

  16th February, 2018

Udkee-Mudkee at Manjari Theatre

Drama Udkee-Mudkee by children of Mokshada School has been staged at Manjari Theatre on Friday, February 16, 2018. The lifelike performance on drama by students studying in grade 3-6, was directed by Mr. Suresh Chand. This particular drama was jointly staged by Manjari Theatre and Space. Where MP Mr. Gagan Thapa, Chairman of Gorkhapatra Sansthan Mr. Govinda Pokhrel, Principals of different schools, parents, teachers, journalists and the students were there to make grand opening a success.

This drama has successfully portrayed the world inside the classrooms. Notorious habits of students, tiny little conflicts and innocent mistakes are the main theme of the drama. Various expressions of the characters playing the drama have successfully been able to make audience laugh and cry at the same time. The artists of the drama are Upahar Limbu (6), Aakriti Timalsena (6), Tara Lama (6), Khushi Hamal (6), Samana Shrestha (6), Sangeet Shrestha (6), Aaryan Chand (5), Adhish Chand (5), Samriddhi Dahal (5), Vabesh Poudel (5) and Prince Wagle (3).

The drama Udkee-Mudkee will be continued every day at 4:30 PM. till 19th Falgun, 2074.